Delay in workflow emails


I have an action that adds a new row to a table which then triggers a workflow. The workflow sends an email. There can be a big delay in receiving these emails. Sometimes they arrive immediately and sometimes it can take 10-15 minutes. Is this normal behaviour? I’ve tried it with Gmail addresses and company email addresses and same behaviour in both.

Note the workflow logs show the email has been processed immediately so it just seems the delay is in the email chain.


Normally you will receive the email like after 15…30 seconds. Though there can be many reasons for the delay… it can come for example from your own email provider or Mandrillap that your app is using when sending emails.

Thanks @Aleksi, can anything be done to diagnose the delay? 10-15 minutes seems excessive, especially for a gmail account. And this was not just a once off issue.

@Phil Any thoughts about this?

I can check the Mandrill log file but to do that I need to be able to search on the exact email subject or the email addresses of the recipients.