Delay on App Log & Automation Monitor data

This is not new but why does it take at least 30-60 mins for me to be able to see new log & monitor entries? Not mentioned before because I assume the Automation update might fix this.

Hmmm, I don’t have many Bots to compare with but I was working on process to generate a PDF and email it earlier this week. The Monitor entries showed up almost immediately.

Could your process in the background be taking longer than you expect?

For example, in that process I mentioned above. There are a few rows of data written. I watch the sheets to see them added. It sometimes can take a minute or more for those rows to show up. It’s after that I check the Monitor and the entries are there.

Done some more digging and this is my fault it seems. The rows were not being copied due to a error in an equation meaning they were skipped. I assumed that, even if this was the case, that the Monitor would at least log it had been manually triggered. But it doesn’t. :confused: