Delay sending mail using workflow


I am trying to load 2 tables using 1 form (using ref column) and hence I want to send out the mail after rows in both tables are added. I have tried putting a condition on workflow where I had created a datetime column (Date Submitted) and tried adding 2 mins to it. I can see that the condition becomes true but it does not send mail because the workflow triggers while adding row to the table, not after some time. Can you suggest me an approach to delay sending mails by 5 mins so that data is loaded by that time.


I’m afraid we don’t have that kind of functionality. You could try to use 3 party service for that purpose.

Would this help? It’s not a timed delayed but you get the behavior I think you’re looking for


or this:

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@Harsh_Rathore For some reason I saw just the last sentence from your post. As @AlexM proposed, it’s possible to send the parent record when all child records are saved with an additional action.

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Thanks @AlexM , @Aleksi,

The approach looks interesting. Can you please give me working example of this approach. For some reason, it does not work for my case. Workflow does not trigger as condition is false.

I haven’t tried that myself yet.
The way I did it is like this but it @Aleksi version is better as it takes out an extra input from the user.

I am not able to achieve this either. Apologies, I am quite new to the AppSheet. Do you have a working example of this approach.

Please check the sample app called “Parent Workflow” from