Delayed Email Generated from Workflow

Hi, we have built an app for our field service. By design, upon saving by the personnel on the ground, the app will go through the workflow and generate an email together with an attachment. All seems to go through smoothly since we stabilised the app in June 2020, emails would be received promptly about 10-20 seconds after the apps syncs. However, since yesterday 17 March 2021 till now, we have been receiving the emails late, like about 2 hours plus late. No modifications were made whatsoever since about 2 weeks now. It puzzles us as we thought the trigger for the workflow was not activated, but all the actions were carried out, and when we reviewed the audit trails, even the email actions were successful in executing. So we ended up, saving it again and again multiple times. No emails were sent within that minute. But after 2 hours, all the emails that we generated were received at the same time. It’s not that we don’t receive the generated emails at all, it’s just that we receive it so late. Is there a bug or glitch going on in the appsheet server or something? Kindly advise.

I had a similar issue today and opened a support ticket. They had me change from using the system default delivery method to default mandrill and it fixed the issue.

Here was the actual response

Thank you for contacting Google Cloud Support. I believe that there is an issue with this and that the workaround is to change the email system to System Mandrill. You can find this in your workflow email task. Could you switch this setting where in my screen shot where it says System Default to System Mandrill and test the workflow?


It worked great! The moment I switched and saved, all the pending emails were received instantly. Great appsheet community with fast response, I might say. Thanks a lot.

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