Delayed Sync and Data Loss

If you have Delayed Sync ON and the user does NOT manually click on the sync icon and then closes the app, is all the data, since the last sync, lost?

If so, how do you prevent that?

No, it’ll remain queued up until the app syncs.


Unless the user switches to another AppSheet app. I’m not confident the queued updates will survive that.

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Well that is a concern. I have an App that is simply a menu app for my two Main Apps. Users will be going between at least two apps regularly for different functionality. I’ll have to research that more. Thanks for the response.

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Do you have automatic sync on as well? That combination should keep the possibility fairly low.

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I can turn that on. I’m still researching all the different settings in Offline/Sync tab. I’ve read posts and articles and am still confused. If you have BOTH Delayed Sync and Automatic Sync on, when do the syncs happen? When the user clicks the sync button for uploads and every thirty minutes for downloads? or some other combination?

So I have both on. The app will slowly sync in the background unless you do a force sync by appending "&at="&NOW(), or the user taps the sync button. Then standard syncing takes over for anything still awaiting sync.


Very helpful info. Thanks.

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