Delays with email notification

Hi guys,

Do you happen to have some delays sending email notifications?
I have been looking that it’s taking almost 10 ~ 20 min. to send the email notif. everytime I insert a new row. But not sure if it has something to do with Google Sheets, because when in the app the record is inserted, I can not see it in the Sheet until a refresh the page.

There have been on-going problems with email delivery. Please contact for help with this.

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Noted, thanks @Steve

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Problem solved, support team made some adjustmen from AppSheet side to fix the issue.

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@Geovany_Kelly @Steve Could you please elaborate on the solution that was found? I have been experiencing significant email delays on and off for about 6 weeks. The audit log states “success” in triggering the workflow action, however under the Email Details, nothing but the error message shows: “Failed to fetch email details”

Meanwhile, an identical workflow for a different table is triggering AND sending just fine within the same app… I would really appreciate any insight that can help me communicate with my users and clients about why this is happening, and how to better align our expectations of the app behavior. Thank you in advance!

Please contact for help with this.

As @Steve stated, in this particular case send an email to the support team So they can dig further into the issue. I just reported yesterday that I was having again the issue, but not so frecuent like the first time. Also, in the same email attach the “Show orignal” message of the email that is giving you problems.