Delete a row based on age from [date]

I am working on an app to capture data from field technicians. Everything is sorted by Date. I only need to keep a few weeks worth of data and am wondering if I can create an action or behavior that deletes rows that are 2 weeks old.

You can use a “Data: execute an action on a list of rows” type of action. Point it to the delete action, and use a SELECT() statement to pull in the appropriate rows keys from older records.

I thought they had added in the ability to execute actions via Reports, but I’m not seeing it. That would have allowed you to run the action, say, once a day. In absence of that, you can run the action manually via a button press. Or perhaps setup a Workflow that runs on additions to the same table, so everytime a new record is added to the table, it’ll clear out the old records.

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