Delete Action On a different table

I have 2 tables (A & B). After Table B is saved the data in table A should be deleted based on column value in Table B.
Eg: Delete rows in both the tables if (Table A [Column C] =Table B [Column C]). The data in both the tables are different except for column C. Any help on this or a link to similar app would be of great help.

If you search in the community for things like:

  • updating child from parent
  • ref updates

You should find several good posts about how to have one record affect another on another table.

In your case, instead of doing an update or whatever, you need to call the delete action.

  • You’ll likely need to create a copy of the delete action on the table where the record is being deleted.
    • That action will have a confirmation on it; so creating a copy of it with no confirmation smooths things out.
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