Delete all child records that have the same ID as parent

I have an action that I want to use to delete all child records related to the ID that is the same as the parent.

The formula must be wrong as the records are not deleted. I can’t think of a way to do it. :thinking:

The ref shows up fine under the parent record (It is renamed):

ID column in table Påminn is based on the ID values in the parent record in FasteAvtaler

Hello @Ratatosk, try replacing your “referenced rows” expression for your Slett paminn action for the following instead:

[Related Paminn][ID]

Please do replace the “a” in “Paminn” with the a in your language that has that floaty symbol before using the expression.


Thank you for the reply!

it looks like it should work, but it doesn’t delete anything.

Here is the Parent table:

Her is the Childe table

It was as simple as [Related Påminn]


Thank you Rafael_ANEIC-PY for nudging me in the right directioN!