Delete / erase

I make a bots and the prrocess is delete some lines
But in the google sheet these lines are just erased

Is possible to delete realy these lines with a bots ?

Thanks all

No delete action from Appsheet will ever delete the entire line, just erase the data. If you need to line deleted for some reason, a common approach is to write a “clean-up” script on the GSheet, with Google Apps Script.


Ok, but i can delete line in Gsheet i didn’t need to write a script, so AppSheet dont do this,
That’s it ?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to ask there.

Yes, correct. AppSheet clears a row (i.e., leaves lines blank) in gsheet when a row in a table is deleted and it is not the last row with data. You can either manually delete that row so that your data rows are contiguous or use a script to do that.