Delete file after copy on another sheet

Hi everyone, I have the following problem. The app collects information from an excel based on google sheets, which has two “PENDING” and “FINISHED” sheets. It works well, load a row, in “pending” that once the work is done it is finished. And if finished you have to go back to pending. He also does it. My problem is that it does not perform a MOVE or a cut / copy. But it only does a COPY and leaves me the line on the sheet on which the primary accommodation was made. Then it is on both sheets and I have to remove it by hand, I want it to be removed from the existing sheet when it has been copied to the other. Thank you

Hi @Crypto_Resources, Welcome to the community!

To my knowledge with your above explanation, to be able to remove blank row from google sheets (automatically) you will need:

  1. Google sheet Add-on
  2. Apps Script

For 1st option, considering there is condition where some add-on are still under Google Review and acceptance, you might have to wait a little longer to be able to use.

If you are ready for Option#2, below link should be your starting point. You might change the time limit for the trigger to kick-in (currently sets as weekly), but you have to consider also about the quota for utilizing Apps Script.

The discussion was initiated by @Greg_L, Thanks Greg, I was just adding a little to it.

Hope this assist you.

If the blank row is fine in your spreadsheet, you can clear that row with an event action when the data is copied. That event action needs to trigger an “execute an action on a set of rows” action.

This is what I’m looking for but honestly I can’t make it work.

Please check a sample app called “Copy and Delete” from