Delete Image after OCR

When we use OCR, the image is not worth saving. We need it only for extracting text.
OCR need high resolution images, so when adding a new row with an image and OCR, it takes time to sync, because of the image.

You can avoid this by simply adding an Action to your Form:

The Action is: Set the image column to nothing.

With this, the image will not be uploaded to your cloud storage and will not be added to your sheet.

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@tony Could that be an option?

@Fabian Interesting idea. I’m going to move this over to “Feature Requests” because I think it’s a good one (but not one that we can do in the near term). Thanks Fabian.

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Thank you @tony. An implemented function would really be helpful. Although my workaround is not complicated, and: It works :blush:

@tony and @Fabian how’s the OCR coming along? We still haven;t been able to get it to work for us. (We haven’t approached it in a few weeks though)

Hi @Grant_Stead I’m actually working on 4 Apps using OCR and OCRTEXT in different ways. It’s amazing what you can do with it. And it’s working quite stable.
But as it still is in Beta, I’m not using it for production.


Thanks @Fabian

@Grant_Stead We’ve pushed a number of bug fixes that affect reliability and performance. Please give it another shot.

That’s exciting to hear. We will get after it!

@Grant_Stead Also, if you’re looking for a more lightweight OCR solution, check out the OCRTEXT function.

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I take it that OCRTEXT is more reliable and doesn’t need training…

@tony Really effective.
Only thing is that it doesn’t automatically expand the longtext field so that you can see everything. But other than that, pretty gnarly

This is no more working. The image will get saved in Google Drive.
Because the “Delete Image” Action is executed after saving the row.

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