Delete Image with Deleting a Record

Hello AppSheet Team.
Great job and congrats for your Google Cloud merge.

When “deleting a record”, it would be great if we can have the option of “deleting or keeping” the attached “image”.

Thank you

Good suggestion. And if I might add. Not just for deleting, but also when editing and replacing an image or file.


Why do you need to delete the file from storage? The storage service like google drive or alternatives are almost free to use or at minimal prices to use the service. Not cost or money implications behind?

It may not be a matter of storage but organization.

For example, on projects I work on we are often required to turn everything over to our client at project completion. The easiest way for me to facilitate this is to structure my applications folder structures around clients and projects, and then simply compress and send the folders.

I would prefer not to send orphaned images to the client if possible, so currently I would have to go into these folders and manually delete the images which can be hard to do - it’s not immediately obvious which images are orphaned or not.

There are workarounds such as creating reports within AppSheet to export all the data, but this is extra work that could be avoided. Also, I prefer to provide clients with the raw image files rather than a pdf report of them.

Sharing app with client and they can copy the image if they want for further usage of the image. Let them do right click on image on appsheet and paste to place where ever they want to place. It seems more efficient for client to find out image they are looking for I the well organized appsheet view rather then they play around directly with folder which might looks messed up with bunch of images in my opinion.

Our clients are government organizations. They need all the information at project completion so they can archive it / have it on hand in the event of a Freedom of Information request.

In these cases the information must be available outside of the AppSheet environment, and they would do a data dump of all information available onto the requester.

Moreover, it is our job to provide them the information in the format they have traditionally required. I can still do this, it just may require me to manually sort and remove deleted photos. I would support a feature that would prevent me from having to do this :sweat_smile:


It can also be a privacy issue. If I upload the wrong photo by accident and I correct it, I don’t expect the wrongly uploaded photo to remain on the server.


I got it, guys thank you.
I voted. :smile:

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