Delete images that are referenced

I have an “image” table referenced to a “transaction” table so that I can attach multiple images to one transaction. I can add new images, but how do I delete the referenced images? The inline and detail forms for the images do not have a Delete/Trash option, I can only “Clear” the image.

There is no way to delete the image file, if that’s what you’re asking.

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I’ll try explaining with a view of my table. When I added the 2 picture references it stored them in my “Transaction_Images” table as 2 separate records, both referring to the same Transaction_ID.

If I “Clear” the images, the image references (.jpg & .png) will clear, but the records will remain. This makes sense so far

However, how do I delete the image records related to the Transaction?

For other “text” type of data, related records (children) can be deleted from their parent record as in the sample below. For some reason I don’t see this option when working with images.

Hope that explanation helps

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So within a form, you (the user) add an image, which is actually an image in a row of a nested form. You (the user) then wants to delete the image, but the only option is to “Clear” it, which doesn’t delete the row added to contain the image, leaving a row with a blank image when you save the form. How can you avoid saving the image row that now has no image?

I’ve never run into this situation, so I don’t know! :frowning: I can imagine ways to accomplish it, but none trivial. Let me enlist the aid of some other gurus: @tsuji_koichi @MultiTech_Visions @Aleksi

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This is because of AppSheet native behavior in terms of nested rows within form view. User can add and edit row through in line form, but there is no delete action available. For the inline view with detail view of parent, there is no delete action avaialble. Just add or view action only. Similarly, add action is only available while the use is on the form view for parent row.

To let the user able to delete nested row from parent form view, it could be possible that we place toggle fields, [Delete?] within child record. One this toggle fields is turn ON (select Y), then fire the workflow (automation) to delete own row.
Thats only workaround I came up with to achieve “delete row” operation from parent record.


Thanks for the explanation. I tried your suggestion, but the action doesn’t seem to fire either when I click save after setting the new “Delete” toggle to "Y"es. I tested my action and confirmed it works when viewing the images directly (not in a parent form).
Nothing happens when I’m editing the nested images

Action fires when I’m editing in the Images table directly (not nested inline form)