Delete Outdated Information

I have a table that has several columns including one that is for dates.

Is there a way to automatically delete rows where the date has passed [Date]<TODAY()



You can achieve this using an action that deletes old items, combined with a workflow that will trigger that action whenever something changes.

The action should look something like this:

Note that under “Referenced Rows” the formula I’m using is:

select(example table[name], [date] < today())

name should be whatever column you’re using as your key.

The workflow should look something like this:

This workflow will trigger the action whenever any changes are made to the underlying table. It won’t run on a schedule, however, so if no changes are made to the table for a few days, it would still have outdated records in it until the next change happened.

I hope this helps!

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That worked.

Now I am trying to add additional criteria and it doesn’t work properly.

I am using the following expression:
select(Entry Form[Uniqueid], AND([Event Date]<TODAY(),[Is This An Annual Event?]=“FALSE”))

I think you just want FALSE instead of "FALSE", without the quotes.

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Do you know if there is an option in the works to trigger a workflow by a time? Say everyday at 12:10am or once a month

It turns out you can! You can make a report, set it to run on the schedule you want, and use the following settings:

I actually didn’t know about this before you asked, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to go and learn something new :slight_smile:

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For reference:


Great info. I need to implement a similar feature in the coming weeks.