Delete row(s) containing a value in another table from an action

I am looking to have an action delete a row or rows in another table that match criteria using a data from the originating row.

For example (for a bookmarking process)

Table A - large data-set of read only data (Where the action will be invoked from a button in detail form)
has a column called “PermitNum”

Table B (where bookmarking information is stored)
has a column called “PermitNum” that contains values that may match “PermitNum” from the original table. As well as the email address of the current user (who wishes to bookmark)

I would like to have an action button on a detail view in Table A that will delete the row or all rows in Table B where PermitNum = PermitNum (to remove the bookmark)

For context, the bookmarks are displayed in table A via a format rule that looks for matches between the two tables (IN([PermitNum],Bookmarks[PermitNum]))

Any help would be great. I have been trying to accomplish with an action that executes an action on a set of rows but cant get any of the “Referenced Rows” criteria to work.

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For Referenced rows, try:

  "Table B",
  ([_THISROW].[PermitNum] = [PermitNum])
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Damn! What great support.

Worked perfectly.

I really envy those who can think in appsheet “expression” like your first born language.

Thank you so much.

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“the row or all rows” = FILTER(...)

“in Table B” = "Table B"

“where PermitNum = PermitNum” = ([_THISROW].[PermitNum] = [PermitNum])

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