Deleted records still showing in app

I have a student table. The other day I deleted a student. I went in to do an attendance and found that the student’s id is still listed in the enumlist. I looked in the actual table for the student’s ID and its not in the spreadsheet.
Is this a bug? Or is there a way to refresh the app’s cache so that it doesn’t show deleted records?
Here is a screenshot:

Or do I need to get a hold of support?


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No need to contact support. Not a bug…at least in AppSheet. Rather it is a bug in your app.

What you are showing is a reference to a row. That reference, i.e. key value from the deleted row, was assigned into a column in another table creating a “link” to the referenced row. By deleting the referenced row, that link has been broken which is why there is a yellow warning triangle showing. That is AppSheet’s way of indicating it cannot find the row to reference.

How to prevent this all depends on your app and how you are using the data. You need to consider what behavior you prefer to happen when you remove a row and implement the necessary preventions or corrections in your app.

Take for instance an Orders app. Products placed on the orders come and go. But typically a history or orders is needed. So, when a Product is no longer sold, you can’t just delete it because older Orders need to be able to see that info so the delete ability of these rows would be removed. In this case, the Product item is typically marked inactive and not shown on any selection lists going forward. This requires an implementation to add the Inactive column and change any selection lists to NOT include Inactivated Products.


Thank you