Deleting blank columns & performance improvement

Has anyone ever compared app’s performance between leaving the blank columns on spreadsheet/tables and without (I’ve seen this tip in an AppSheet clip once). I, myself, have not seen the different but this may be because my file is not big enough.


There is a cell limit to Gsheets (it’s huge, but it’s there) - and it’s a CELL limit, not a data limit or something else - so deleting any empty columns will allow you to extend the capacity of your table to hold rows.

But once you get to the point where you’re reaching a cell-limit, you might want to think about migrating something to a SQL - or at least work on a way to clean up your data and shrink it down.


I’ve never tested this. When you say “blank columns,” do you mean columns in your sheet that are completely blank (no headers) and are not listed as columns in the table? If so, I don’t think it would affect the AppSheet side of the app directly. However, I know that Ben Collins has pointed out that excess blank columns and rows can contribute to slow Google sheets. I also know that slow Google sheets, in turn, can cause slow app syncs:

If you mean blank columns (or blank cells) inside of AppSheet tables, I’m not sure.

By the way, at first I thought you were asking about blank rows, a question I had asked earlier:

I know you’re asking about columns, not rows, but I thought I’d add this as a little footnote.


I’ve deleted blank rows (about 800 rows+) in all sheets and I think I can feel that it syncs faster.

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And you delete “column” they are not in use. It will run Appsheet faster as well, when we work on spreadsheet like Google sheet.


Hopefully this is not just placebo :sweat_smile: