Deleting table and re adding it back

If i delete a table and re add it back - do i have to add all virtual columns, Display names and refs?

I am asking because the Microsoft Office 365 has stopped most of my apps from connecting and running. I need a solution - but i don’t want to drop tables that cause me to mess up the structures and layouts i have spent a lot of time building.


DO NOT delete your table trying to trouble-shoot this Office365 outage. Yes, you would lose your virtual columns and display values.

Everyone’s apps that are connected to Office365 are still down. Once they get it straightened out, it should start working again without you needing to edit the app.

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Perfect. Thanks for this. I wasn’t going to do anything until i knew for sure. Crazy - this happened on the day (yesterday) i was presenting!!! Fate, right? :grinning: So i had to reschedule. I just need to get this resolved so i can move forward…

Thanks for the help…