Delta Sync and Databases

The article on delta sync, , doesn’t explicitly state anything about databases. Does it work with databases? And if so what about with views in databases?

Hi Austin; my understanding is that Delta Sync does not work with databases:

Delta sync — when this option is enabled, the app maintains timestamps for the last time each table was fetched. On each sync, the AppSheet server tries to determine if the table has been updated after that timestamp. Only then is the table data retrieved from the cloud data source. This mechanism has the potential to significantly speed up sync, but it also has the potential to cause data errors. AppSheet is only able to check Delta Sync with cloud providers that use spreadsheet files. It checks the LastModifiedTime property of the file to determine if it has been updated (updates could happen directly to the spreadsheet). In cloud file systems like Google Drive, this timestamp is not perfectly accurate. Further, if the sheet involves formulas fetching data from external sources, the file itself may never reflect a modified timestamp although the computed data in it might change. As a result, this setting requires caution when used.