Delta Sync to refresh the table with virtual columm where the expression is made to refer to the table which is updated

This is little tricky request, so let me explain with simple use case.

Delta sync is useful to reduce the amount of time required to refresh the whole app upon sync, i.e. helping to improve app performance. This is just because it will refresh only the table which is update since the last sync.
But another problem is in play behind the scene.

Let me assume we have table A and Table B. Table A has virtual column withe expression of dependacy to the table B. Simply Count(Table B[ID]) something like that.

Then we add new row to Table B. But Table A virtual column is NOT going to be updated, remain unchanged after the sycn as Table A is not actually updated physically on this occassion.

I believe this is one of the limitation of Delta Sync and reduce the usage of this settings unless App creator is fine with this behavior.

All in all, my feature requrest right here is to let the table with VC expression which has dependancy to the table which is physically refreshed WILL be also refreshed upon sync. In this simple case, Table A has virtual column with expression refering to Table B. Then when Table B is refreshed, Table A, more precisely, VC will be re-calced

Thank you.