Dependent Dropdown Behavior

Trying to mimic the Lead Tracking Example App – selecting Region produces dependent dropdown of valid Countries. The behavior I’m stumped by is, in Lead Tracking when a different Region is selected the dependent Countries list is blanked and refreshes.

My app doesn’t blank and refresh the dependent values list when the parent selection changes.
Lead Tracking:

My app:
Before parent switch:

After parent switch:

Source table “Dropdown Details”:

Respective columns:
valid_if : Dropdown Details[Fruit]
valid_if: Dropdown Details[Variety]

And, these are setup as Quick Edits.

Thank you in advance!

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I tried it, and it seems to be caused by Quick Edits.
I got the same error as you in Lead Tracking when I set it to Quick Edits.

However, if you choose the correct value, you can enter it, so I don’t think there is a practical problem. What do you think?



If you don’t have that many values, you can set the column type to Enum and use the button mode.
The result is likely to be close to the desired operation in QuickEdit.


Thank you for researching!

My “child” list is I think too many for buttons.

I can live with the experience. I’m happy to find out the issue isn’t resulting from my error.

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