Dependent Dropdown between 2 tables dependent on values of another colomn in one table


i have 2 tables,

in table 1, i have 2 colomns namely order ID, status

in table 2 i have a similar colomn named order ID.

i want to filter the values that table 2 colomn named order ID calls from table 1 of only those whose status is = completed in table 1.

can someone help me with an expression

Please try an expression something like below in the Valid_if constraint of the column Order ID in table 2

SELECT(table 1[Order ID],[Status] =“Completed”)
Here in expression, [Order ID] is Order ID column in table 1

Hi also could u help me with this,

I want to capture time in a cell automatically only when status of another cell changes and I don’t want the time to be able to edit by anyone other then admin

Hi @DPM_reports
Have you tried


could you help with an expression as to when changeTimeStamp can fill a cell only when the value of for instance status changes

hi, could you also help me with the below,

i have 2 tables, in table 1 with colomn order id, bags

in table 2 also similar colomns order id and bags, for order id, your expression above was helpful, in table 2 bags colomn i want to pull the exact cell value of that particular order as in table 1.

can you help with this regard.

Hi @DPM_reports,

If I have understood your requirement, in general, I believe the expression could be as follows

SELECT(table 1[Bags],[Order ID]=[_THISROW].[Order ID])

It sounds that you have been pulling a few column values between two tables. I may also request you to take a look at following relevant articles and Tips and tricks posts, just in case you have not browsed those


i am getting error as it says only virtual colomns can have data type as list…

any work around for this

My request to you will be to evaluate use of referencing if feasible.

Also I believe, community will be able to suggest better if you can furnish more details about your table structure such as if you have parent child relationship in your app between these tables etc.

It may be difficult to suggest exact or proper solution without knowing more details about the table structure and their relationship with each other…

In general, I believe, you may wrap your expression with ANY() if the SELECT() statement is likely to return only one value from the [Bags] or you may wish to make the Bags column in table 2 as Enumlist type or a VC depending on your app. structure and requirements.

ANY(SELECT(table 1[Bags],[Order ID]=[_THISROW].[Order ID]))

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