Dependent dropdown fy uniqueID or from 2 different tables

Hi I believe I bring a complex topic, when Santiago explained about Dependant Dropdown he said “While most app creators will never need to express something this complicated,”
I believe that I have something a bit more complicated…

I have a table to capture Orders
This table have a column that Ref to a table of Clients by Client ID
it also has another column that Ref to a table of Jobs by Job ID that depend on the first

The Jobs table have both columns but with no usable names for the user, just Unique ID (Client ID and Jobs ID). The question is can I make 2 dependant dropdown by Unique ID but show the correspondent label that is in a different table?


The label used to display a Ref value will always come from the row referenced by the Ref value, so no, you cannot show a label from a different table, at least not directly.

Thank you for your answer Steve!

I was able to create the dependant dropdown the following way:
on the field Empresa ID I created a Valid IF with the following expression: Empresas Clientes[Nombre Cliente]
On Obra ID I created a Valid IF with the following expression: Empresas Clientes[Obras]

This way AppSheet creates the dependant dropdown as it shows in the picture. Nonetheless I have a problem the results displayed by AppSheet is the “Obra ID” and not the “Nome Obra”

How can I pull the data from the column I need in this case “Nome Obra” instead of “Obra ID”?

thank again for your help

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The screenshot shows the Obra ID column is of type Text, but it sounds like you intend to use it as a Ref. If it is in fact a Ref, change the column type accordingly, then AppSheet will display the referenced row’s label instead of its ID.

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