Dependent Dropdown Issue

I have a table that stores a Division and a District, then I have another table with fields for Division and District also, where if someone changes the Division then it should bring up different choices for the District. The problem is that regardless of what Division I choose in the edit form, the choices for District is every single option in the Districts column instead of just the Districts for the particular Division. Here is my setup:

You may want to try below for Valid_If of the District:

SELECT(Division_District[District], [Division]=[_THISROW].[Division], TRUE)

Is this something that changed within AppSheet then? All of the examples pertaining to dependent dropdowns only mention valid_if for each of the tables’ columns, there is no mention of having to do SELECT or anything of the like. Specifically the examples always mention that AppSheet ‘is supposed to know’ with this type of setup that it is a dependent dropdown.