Dependent Dropdown Question

Hi Ya’ll

I’m a non-dev generalist and my background is in tech docs and I’m building my first app.

It’s a four-level selector tool to provide decision support for healthcare workers.

I have a google sheets tool that I built with some simple dropdowns and formulas. I’m a total hack, but it works fine. Now I want to create a mobile app that I can show SMEs, get feedback, and quickly update on my own.

  • All data is in one google sheet table
  • App content will be read-only
  • Initial selection has 9 unique values that will not change
  • Using valid-if on the other 3 selections

For now, I just want to get one view working:

  1. Select four criteria
  2. Display the result as details of that row/record on the screen

I’ve watched the Dependent Dropdown video and poked around in the sample app. The issue I have is in order to display the dropdowns, I need to “add”.

How do I get the all four dropdowns to just display on the screen?

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Hey @rickmcdata, welcome to the community.

First: you might check out the following post; it’s full of tons of helpful tips to help you get stared with using the community to find answers.

I’m guessing the problem you’re having is that the dropdowns are all programmed into your sheet - but they’re not automagically working in your app… yes?

You’ll need to “Add” the options for your dropdowns into your Enum columns by either:

  1. adding the options direction into the Enum options (hard-coding them in other words); or
  2. creating a valid if/suggested values formula that pulls the values from another table or from a formula or something.

Bottom line, you’ve got to provide options to the system (AppSheet that is) in order for there to be anything for the system to use.


Thanks for the reply!

The sheet I am using as source for my app in Appsheet is data only. No formulas.

Yeah, I’m going to hardcode enums now and figure out the formulas down the line.

I was hoping to find a read-only product selector in the sample apps, but haven’t found one. I’ll just build the product selector sample app myself when I get this figured out. Appsheet seems like a great solution.

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