Dependent dropdown with option to add new in both defendant columns

I have a table->

Expense Type Expense For
Mechanical JCB 4DX
Mechanical JCB 3DX Extra
Stationary Pen
Stationary Register
Survey Measurment tape 5 Mtr
Survey Measurment tape 15 Mtr
Survey Measurement tape 30 Mtr
Mess Food Parcel
Mess Tea/Snacks
Electrical Wire/Cable
Electrical Bulb
Electrical Motor Winding

In another table, vouchers details having both the columns of Expense Type and Expense For.
Want to create dependent dropdown list in both columns but also to have option of add new record in both columns.
When Adding in Expense Type- it should ask for only Expense Type Value.
When Adding in Expense For- it should ask for only “Expense For” Value which is of the Expense Type as selected in the Main Form.

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it does not have the adding new items option in dropdowns.
i Want the option of New Button in Both Dropdowns

The Add option is only available for dropdowns on columns of type Ref if the source table for the reference allows adds. If your columns aren’t of type Ref, but you want to provide a dropdown showing existing values and allow the user to add new entries, use Suggested values rather than Valid If.