Dependent Dropdown

Hi !
I’m a beginner in Appsheet, and right now i’m learning about dependent dropdowns. In my app, i only have one table, that contains three columns: moderators, audience and the number (or id) of the table, where people can argue. The thing that i want, is that users of the app can fill a form, where, according to the name of the moderator and the number of the table, they could register the assistance of people. However, i only get one dependence, and the field of the number of table appears all the time. I mean, that’s the problem.
I already visit the documentation of the page, but i do not get the answer for this problem.
Please help !

Welcome to App sheet :D, your gonna love it,

Could you post a picture of your table along with the form?

Thank you for your reply. Here is the image !

Can you explain or breakdown exactly what it you want?

So you want to user to select a value for Moderator, and based on that select a value for Audiance, and based on that the ID of the table?

Exactly. But right now, i solved it. I had to delete the table “Asistencia”, and created again.

Regardless, i would like to know what was wrong…

I typically do it this way,

set the Column type to text, and use the valid if expression TableName[Column Name]
Do this for each column,
As long as the columns are lined up this should not be a problem.

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