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I have an application where I need to select an item in a three-level list. That is, one column is the top level and others are formed relative to it. But if you select the lower level, then the upper ones should automatically become relative to the lower level. Initial value does not work well, for example, when I already select something in this column, then when I select something in lower level, nothing happens there. Is it possible to solve this problem somehow?

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This question has been asked multiple times in the community, you may find an answer among the results here:

Plus, I suggest you have a look to this post, as it has good advices in it :wink:

Let us know if you don’t succeed into it !


I want to find a way to make a field work like an app formula, but at the same time it could be changed depending on other fields because initial value is not suitable

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That’s different from your initial question, then.

You may want to use a “pick first choice” column, then “correct if not suitable” column, with its initial value set to “first choice” column.

Please have in mind that:

  • initial value expression behave as app formula expression, until the user change it manually
  • you may have to use a workaround as described above for you case

Also, with that:

we don’t have enough context for giving you some help. You may want to provide further informations.

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