Dependent embedded video with "show" data type

I know you can create a dependent drop downs in the valid_if section for cell content. My question is can you do the same for videos with the “Show” data type? I attempted to do this in the same manner but it will not alter the shown video depending on a previous selection. Any known solutions or suggestions?

you mean like this? Any record marked “High Priority” gets one show video, any record not marked “High Priority” gets a different, 2nd show video:

Was this the question you were asking?

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That solution would work but not very well. I am creating a video library of sorts for training purposes.

Using the “IF” logic statement would be massive as the previous question on the form has roughly 36 possible responses and counting. I would also have to update the statement every time I add a new training video/previous question response. I was hoping there was a solution similar to filtering references when using “valid_if” for a dependent drop down, that solution is very concise and automatically updated when new items are added to the referenced table. The problem is The “valid_if” solution does not auto fill the content box of a “video” or “show” type column.

Unless I am miss interpreting what is happening in the app you used as an example.

Is There a way to get valid_if to solve the Content address information?