Dependent list

Hi ,when i make dependent dropdown list based on data from a an other table called “choix”
The column [type] disapeard


Ok am going to explain more

i Want to make dropdown list based on data from another table called “choix”
But The column [type] disapeard

Dependent on what?

I noticed in your image for the table that the only column that has data is the type column.

To the left of it you have an ID column that’s blank.

Is that ID marked as the key in app sheet for that table?

  • If it is, and there’s no data in the column, then the record won’t show up… Because AppSheet uses keys as the identifiers for records. If there’s no key, Appsheet sees it as there’s no record.

You are right up to a certain extent. But he mentioned about “dependent dropdown” and uses TableName[ColumnName] syntax only (besides he haven’t clarified the type of dependency at all, so we need to put up the magic sphere on the table and produce guesses). Depending on the dependency he might have set, provided previous list is empty (as he has no table data at all) then the choix[type] list will be empty as well and therefore not displayed at all. And as you have already mentioned the key column is empty as well.

May I kindly ask provided you’ve ever read this post?


I understand now source of the problem ,thank you dear so much

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Thank you for sharing the rules , I’am just new I’am doing my best to understand and respect the rules , I appologize for every mistake made


I haven’t shared that post because you’re making a mistake, thus please take it from the positive side. The purpose was to develop the way you post any questions with as much key information as possible and a little bit divert you (as a developer) to perform some more and better research. That’s all. Consider it as a constructive criticism.