Dependent Questiona

I have an audit app. In that app i have a table with a list of questions, each question has a unique order. this means, that unless i answer correctly on question number 1, question number 2 will not be available for the user to see and so on, only after answering the second question the 3rd question will be available.
the thing is, i have no clue how to do it. any help would be appreciated.

Add a formula like ISNOTBLANK([Column#1]) to Show? option and the similar one for all columns.

How would that make sure my questions will appear one by one only when the first answer is answered and follows?

If you check the status from the previous field, it will do it.

First, thanks Aleksi for helping out
Second, i will explain my situation better.

  1. I have a table with subject id and subject name
  2. A second table in which i add data with ref to the first table.with a column named completed
  3. I need my ref dropdown to only include data from the first table only after the user has completed the task.
  4. the dropdown ref should include first question, and only once it is completed, the next time i chose a question, the second question only will appear and so on.


So… actually you are looking for a filtered/dependent Ref dropdown, correct?

That will show me first ID and when a condintion is met, the second ID and so forth. I have tried many things but still couldnt find a way

Try something like SELECT(Table[KeyColumn],TRUE)-[Parent ID].[Related Records]+LIST([_THIS]) with the Valid If.