Dependent ref from different tables

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to determine what is the correct ref table of a ref column, depending from a previous choice ?

Example :
I have a 3 suppliers. I have 3 product tables, one for each supplier.
In my order table, I choose the supplier and then, the article column (ref) would show rows from the concerned supplier product table only.

I know the concept of filtering whithin a table but is there any possibility to manage a ref column like this ?


A column of type Ref can only refer to a single table. Ideally, all of your suppliers would be represented in a single table, rather than a table per supplier. To continue using a table per supplier, you’d need a column per supplier, each of type Ref to the corresponding table.

Thanks Steve ! That’s what I thought. It is a kind of dilemma as multiple tables are usefull in the purpose of supplier prices update for exemple. Do you think of anything possible with appsheet like : “a full product table” which could contain and update all rows of separate “suplier product tables” ?

As Steve mentioned, dont split tables to multiple separate one, but stay as minimum number of tables as much as possible. That s the best practice, not only for Appsheet, but for any solution driven by Relational Data Base metholodogy.

You can split the table as you like by using Slice function, but once the tables are originally separeted, it is difficult to UNION all those table, currently union function is not supported by appsheet as well.


Ok yes I see ! I’ll find a way to deal with it.

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