Deploy multiple instances with seperate databases

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I am one of those Google Appmaker users, trying to figure out if AppSheet is an possible alternative …

I got several partners (each with multiple users), each partner got their own Google Cloud SQL database. Each partner needs his own application instance connected to his sql database.

Is it possible to develop an app and to deploy it (continuously updating/upgrading) having several instances with their own sql databases as described?


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Data partitioning is something you might explore.

You can specify the source of the data for an app using a formula; so depending on who’s logging in (or other criteria you may specify) that data source is used.

The benefit here is that you only have to maintain one app, but each user group maintains their own data source.


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This solution seems only available for corporate plans… Is there another solution for PRO plans?

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The only other way, which is kind of a pain, is to create clones of the same app - one for each of the users with their own DB.

If you copy an app, you can say to not create a new data source; then you can easily switch the data source for your new app to one of the databases - rinse and repeat for each.

Keep one copy of the app for your prototyping/working app, then when it comes times to push an update - this is where it sux - you use the App Update feature to overwrite all the old apps (so they become clones of your working app) and then re-attach them to their respective databases.

Messy, but it works.

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Thank you for your detailed answer!

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