Deploy the app in different ways?

I m not using this tips and tricks with me in practical sense to deploy my apps, but may use possible if needed.

There was a post claiming the deploy app process is a bit of pain, as it will involve the number of processes for the app users, click URL, download Appsheet app as containers, sign in with authentication bra bra bra. I share the frastrations, but we have to admit how it goes now, while I share such frastrations. Such a frastration could be solved by guiding our app user well, to educate how to
coach them step by step.

I m yet completely finishing my testing, but Appsheet + Google Site combination potentially works well? !

Embed Appsheet app could be easy, just paste the appsheet url to “embed” to those solutions. However, I recently faced issues, embeding Appsheet App to Google Data Studio is unstable. Some app can be embeded, but others not. Not sure why.
However, the app being rejected by GDS, is actually embedable to Google Site. Dont ask me Why?

For the app, you instantly deliver your own app to your users and you wish to escape from the questions how to deal with “install Appsheet App” bra bra bra, but you are happy that your user open your app with browser as web app, rather than running app as proper app with mobile devices, this may work well?

Solution is simple. Embed Appsheet app to Google Site (Free basically). And you let your app potential user know the Google Site URL.

This is taken from my laptop, but generally it behave almost same in mobile phone, i.e to run Appsheet app on browser without explicitly being asked "do you want to download appsheet app? "

When we directly open the Appsheet app url, it is generally being asked for questions initially.

But embeded version of app is protected by Google Site URL, so works differently.

Im not entirely confident if this is option to take, but just to give you a thought about the different way to share the app.

On this sample, i put appsheet app url “Encoded” as well as placing button where we place the same App url to jump over when the user click.

Good or bad? All done by Google solutions.


Thank you @tsuji_koichi
You could also paste 2 or more Apps in one Google Site, don’t you? :thinking:
So a user doesn’t have to switch from one App to another.

I believe we are able to embed multiple app to google site.

Even without embeding the app with iframe, just place bunch of “action button” per different app. Say 10 app and put the url as a link. User hit the button of each button, it prompt App per link.

Should be tons of interesting use cases?

Embeding Appsheet app with I frame is bit shaky, so just put links on Google site, which turns to be new “APP Launcher”?

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We have Appsheet stype App launcher now.
But once iframe view comes in play, (hopefully) we are able to embed google site (or any other ones) into iframe view. Create such an App launcher with Google Site, and embed the same to i frame within appsheet as a part of views.

Sounds a fun!

Google site seems natively “Responsive” design, automatically optimized to fit to different devices, PC, and mobile etc. So embeding Google site to Appsheet i frame view will render the contents correctly per user devices.

I talk too much about i frame of Appsheet new features, but really looking forward to have it.


Thats Really cool! Can you please tell me how to do the same with private apps ?

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On the Gooogle Site set up, Embed the Appsheet App URL to display it as embeded element, as well as put the same url as link to the button you place on the google site.


Very useful info about Google Sites.
Thanks for sharing @tsuji_koichi

Showing this

In the past, we could embed the app with required sign-in app, but most likely due to change in code in Appsheet, the app seems to be no longer embedable.

Some of the app without requiring sign-in can be embeded, but unable to embed with same setting, i m utterly not sure why.

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@Martin_Pace mini project idea… Can we do something with this to give our clients better access?