Deployed app freeze and protect from edits

How can I remove “edit definition” permissions from an app owner.

I have a deployed app using secure login. I have the owner account, a co-author account, and 2 user accounts involved. I can set the co-author as “View definition” in the Users tab to prevent them from making changes to the deployed app. However I can find no way for the owner account to be set to View definition only. I tried adding the owner account as a user and setting this but I am still allowed to edit the app definition from the owner account.

This is important so that there is no accidental editing of the deployed app by anyone because the upgrade feature will be used to role out an updated copy periodically.

Proposed fix, 1) always include the owner account in the user list: a) disallow deletion of it, b) force it to always have Role: Admin. Then 2) honor its data access permissions.

The owner owns the app. You cannot prevent the owner from modifying the app.

I figured that from my trials, I believe I have a use case for wanting to disallow the owner from editing the app, since there is no other way to keep the currently deployed app stable. Of course the owner can always turn edit permissions back on, but it prevents wrong editing if desired. It sounds like I need to make this into a feature request.