Deploying, COVID-19 and feature help

Hi there, I have 2,000 word hand ins and presentations for the next 7 weeks every single Friday so I will be go go go and not able to spend more time enjoying exploring Appsheet and self-learning until after 21 August.

I do need to deploy an app and add features to my prototype that I will not realistically have time to learn myself.

Could anyone help me? I’m not asking for this for free, but exploring all options to get a basic app onto the Appstore for pioneering users to download for free.

It is for healing and recovery so, firstly if I deploy it for COVID-19 and request 1,000 licensese am I going to have a huge bill snuck up on me come 30 September? For me there aren’t enough assurances for what will happen and I will have zero bandwidth to think about this down the line. Submerged. Hand-ins. Zero bandwidth spare.

Is it $50 a month to deploy an app? I thought it was $5 a month for a basic upgrade. That is the stage I’m at right now. I am not at a $50 a month stage. Too soon.

Can anyone help me with 3 basic behaviours I need to add to my prototype to get to the next stage?

If so, I’ve reached a stage I can share screengrabs and say what I need to get a yes or no or price to get someone to add these on so I can deploy (if can afford) or move to a platform I can afford to test on without a huge outlay before any ROI.