Deploying my app for COVID-19

Hi Jennifer,

I think it’s disappeared, but last week I responded to the deploying apps for COVID-19 section, but now I can’t find anything.

I wanted to apply for COVID-19 free app deployment up to 30 September and needed more answers before going ahead. I can deploy my app at $50 a month to test it out.

Please let me know what the COVID-19 free deployment entails, do I get an invoice for all the individual licenses at the end of it?

Or can it be deployed free for 2 months. I have evidence that COVID support groups on Facebook are finding my app data very useful and would love to get their feedback on it.

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Please contact

Hi @SophieSweatman,

You can learn more about how we’re supporting COVID efforts in the below guide.

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Hi Jennifer,
I don’t have time to process anything with college hand-ins. Am totally focused on each week’s major project.

Is it possible for someone at Appsheet to let me know if the app I have created a prototype for is eligible for free deployment for COVID-19 (yes or no) and if I do deploy it, what happens from 30 September? Will I be given notice for what to do next to not pay a large bill for users of my app?

Please don’t send any links. If these questions can’t be answered simply, no worries. I don’t have time and attention to try spend on this with 7 weeks of massive projects and I have dyspraxia so have to keep my attention on my work.

There is evidence in the data I shared with the Long COVID support group that information about nutrition is very useful to them. My own prototype may not be a good answer in its appsheet form, but would like to know if I could test it for feedback before getting time and money to invest its further development.

Best regards


Best regards


Hi @SophieSweatman!

Apologies for a delayed response. As stated in the link provided previously, in order to qualify for the COVID discount code we do require the form on our COVID guide to be complete. Once you complete the form we can address the discount code.

Please let me know if you have additional questions and keep up the great work!

Thanks Jennifer,

It’s a process that doesn’t work for me as it requires too much attention and uncertainty ahead.

For me to take a route, I need to feel completely in control and there are far too many ifs for me to pursue this. I do not like the sound of being invoiced and the app being locked after 30 September one tiny bit.

I’m still working on my prototype and can only deploy it once it provides some use to my 10 testers.

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Please let me rectify this

I am not ready to deploy. The app went to error yesterday after I made the tiniest adjustment to my data source and took ages to rectify.

Wanted to ready the app but this has popped up. I don’t understand it and had no warning prior to this happening

I understood that 10 users could look at my app within 30 days.

I had no warning.

I am not ready.

Please can I see upfront, surface, no-clicks or hoops needed pricing and I was going to launch app for $50 at end of week as the COVID process, again, is far too opague, no road map, no expectations managed or upfront cost implications. I will never enter a process with that little foresight.

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Sorry to duplicate, but it seems this suggestion is in different threads. This is what I can see now and cannot go anywhere or get past it (can you help) to go INTO my editor to make those changes. I was not warned ahead and only with hindsight now know what to do to get users to view my prototype in browser and not for personal use. Didn’t know up ahead.

I encourage you to contact directly. The team there is best suited to help you.