Deployment Advice My client wants to deploy ...

Deployment Advice

My client wants to deploy a vendor management app per vendor, or a range of apps for each vendor.

They do not have the inhouse experience to architect the solution and manage the manufacturing engineering, both come hand in hand for them.

So, they want to sub contract the app development and deployment to me.

I have no issue with the solutions architecture or app development, but I am confused about how to deploy as a partner.

a. Does everyone (vendors and client) need an appsheet account?

b. Does everyone pay for their own licensing, and have control over who is added?

c. Do I (as a partner) have the ability to act as a hub between the client and vendor?

Can I manage the licensing etc?

d. If the client and vendors are on different platforms i.e., client is on O365, I am on google, vendor could be on either.

Does that make any difference?

Any advice would be appreciated.

If you will host the app totally, answers would be like… A) They don’t need any accounts B) You will have the user control and your client will pay for you C) Yes you can do that D) Yes they can have different providers

But of course there are lot of different ways to do that.

@Aleksi_Alkio Thanks Aleksi. Translate

@Aleksi_Alkio My goal is to host the apps, buy the licenses and enable the various vendors.

The last time I tried to do something like this, they all had to have gmail accounts, but I wasn’t a partner, and we were using the $1/app/month user licenses.

Will I be able to assign the licenses to their corporate email addresses?

They don’t need Appsheet account but they need Google, Office365 etc. accounts so you can identify them when they are trying to sign in to your app. They should have account from one of these providors Google, Office365, Smartsheet, Box, Dropbox or Salesforce. I believe you have choosed only Google as an Authentication provider earlier. You can find it from Security > Require Sign-in

@Aleksi_Alkio Hi Aleksi… My situation is like below 1 - My app has been Deployed

and marked as Personal app). 2 - I would be the app developer & Admin 3 - My friend would also use same login to use the app 4 - My friend’s customers around 5 would be using the app for non-profit use

A:: Now Is this Personal App usage as we are using same GOOLE login? B:: Is this fine to be continued in Free Plan as Deployed- Personal-App? C:: Since upto 10 users are allowed, what is wrong in A & B (if they are not allowed in Free Plan)?

As you wrote in “section 4”, customer is not the same than pure personal use. We have a non profit profile also. Please send an email to, thanks.


The 5 customers are also using the same login as 2 & 3 (which is me and my friend) for non-profit report tracking usage.

NEW Q1:: Now is A, B & C valid? NEW Q2:: Since upto 5 devices are agreed in FREE PLAN by personal app user, can we have 5* 10 = 50 person-device combination for non-profit use as we do not have any revenue generation purpose but have to cater few end-customers for noble work.

@PACE_ADARSA I’m going to jump in for @Aleksi_Alkio on this.

Let me first clarify what qualifies for personal use:

  • Your app is used only by you.

  • Your app isn’t shared with anyone else.

In the scenario you’ve outlined, it’s clear that both of those points are not being met, so, this use case would not qualify as personal use.

That being said, if you do plan to only have a handful of users using the app, why not simply leave the app in prototype state, as you’ve referenced that you are permitted up to 10 unique users in a prototype app. You can leave the app in this state for as long as you need.

Hope this helps.

@Ryan_Bundt_AppSheet - prototype sate means that you do not have to Deploy the App if 10 or less Users will be using it to Log-In?

@Henry_Scott – prototype state refers to the current status of deployment the AppSheet app falls under. While an app is in this prototype state, there are certain constraints placed on the app; here are a couple help docs that may be provide some added insight for you:

Please do note, some workflow/reporting mechanisms will operate differently while an app is in prototype versus actual deployment state; as well as prototype state apps are limited to no more than 10 unique active end users.

Hope this helps.