Deployment of my Appsheet App

Good day to each and everyone of you guys,

I would like to ask if my understanding is correct.

Questions are the ff:

  1. I need to be a Pro subscription user before I can deploy or create an apk?
  2. As stated in the pricing tab, Pro subscription is $10 / user and the meaning of user is anyone who is using the app. So basically if for example 50 persons downloaded my app from the Play Store. Does that equate to $10 * 50 = $500 per month?

Thank you so much guys

Please contact for help with this.

Hello there Mr Steve, isn’t replying with my email and as per checking on the Contact Us page of the official Appsheet Website. Their customer support is only available for customers in premium subscription plans.

Is there any other way around to this?

Thank you.

I’ve escalated this internally.

Hi Steve,

I just got an email from the Appsheet Team and they told me that they have a Publisher PRO Subscription and it is much suited for my needs.

Thank you so much for the support.

More power

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