Dereference - Error In Expression


I have 2 sheets:

  1. Session Documentation
  2. Journal

I am trying to dereference a column [Session Description] in Session Documentation. I have used the dereference in App Forumula [Session Description].[Session Documentation] and I get a “Error in Expression” error note.

From the information you’ve given us, I’d have to guess there’s an error in your expression.


Can you provide any more information? Perhaps a screenshot of the error? Of the expression? Is the Session Description column of the Ref type?


Sorry Steve, yes it was a little vague, my apologies.

Ok so the message reads:

Column Name ‘Session Description’ in Schema ’ Coaching_Schema’ of Column Type ‘Ref’ has an invalid app formula ‘=[Session Description].[Session Documentation]’. Error in expression ‘[Session Description].[Session Documentation]’ : Unable to find column ‘Session Documentation’

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It would appear the table referenced by the Session Description column does not contain a column named Session Documentation.

What table does Session Description reference?

Session Description column appears in both Session Documentation and in Coaching.

Session Description refers to Session Documentation table.

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Okay. Your expression:

[Session Description].[Session Documentation]


  1. Using the value of the Session Description column ([Session Description]), find the row in the Session Documentation table (because that’s the column’s “source table”, the table it refers to) with the key column value that matches.

  2. From the row found in the Session Documentation table, get the value of that row’s Session Documentation column (.[Session Documentation]).

According to the error, though, the Session Documentation table does not itself have a Session Documentation column. Perhaps you want some other column’s value?