Dereference in a Form

I’m trying to create a User information form. I will already have the user’s email address and phone # in the table and am wanting them to complete the name, address, phone fields of the form. I’m trying to autopopulate the phone number by using a dereference [userid].[phone number] where the userid is the user’s email address and USEREMAIL() as the Initial Value. When I set this up the Phone column disappears from the form. I want the user to see the phone number in the form so they can confirm it is correct. What am I missing?

Please post a screenshot of your table’s column list from the Data >> Columns tab in the app editor.

I had removed it all so I at least had a working form and now when I add the initial value back in i’m getting full on errors. I’m trying to prepopulate the First and Last Names here too.

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Thank you, that’s useful.

Why are you trying to use dereferences? Dereferences are used to get a column value from another row, often in another table. To use a dereference, the dereferenced column value must be from a column of type Ref. None of the columns I can see in your table are of type Ref, including Hunter_ID, so you cannot dereference Hunter_ID. What are you trying to accomplish?

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Thank you for your reply. I’ve been away from Appsheet for awhile and having to relearn I knew I was doing something wrong here. I’m trying to make a basic contact form that the user can update if the information changes. I don’t want any of the users to be able to see other users info so didn’t want ref columns or drop down options. I will have a list of names and emails (and maybe phone) before users log in. I need them to input address info. Was hoping the forms could be prepopulated using the useremail() column to reference all the info I have ahead of time.

Thanks again for your attention here. I’m sure it’s simple and I’m just overthinking the hell out of the issue.

That’s definitely possible!

You say you’ll have the lists of names and emails before users log in. Will those values be in the app already? If so, where? In a different table?

The LOOKUP() function might be what you want to use to access data without dropdowns or references.

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I was trying to use the same table to both provide the “known” data and allow the user to update as needed. Kind of like a user profile page that remains live for the user to edit. I didn’t want to have to manage two tables but I think I can make that work. Thanks!

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