Dereference in a lookup in a template


I am trying to put a dereferenced field in a lookup in a template and it doesn’t seem to work.

Does anybody know if this is supported? I know it’s generally supported, so maybe it’s just in templates it’s not supported.

e.g. <<LOOKUP([id].[name], Employee, Name, Address)>>

Note I’m doing it this way as a workaround for Double Dereference Expressions instead of creating the virtual column as detailed here


@Stephen_Monaghan I’m afraid it won’t work because you should actually write the formula like <<LOOKUP([_THISROW].[id].[name], Employee, Name, Address)>> and unfortunately that is not supported.

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Thanks @Aleksi

Ok, I’ll go with suggested workaround with the virtual column.

Without knowing your table structure, it could be a normal column as well.