Dereference vs Worflow: Two tables, Equipment tb 1 updated, when Inspection tb 2 takes place

Trying to figure out whether using a dereference or creating an action to update one table from another table is better.

I have two tables,

  1. Equipment
  2. Inspections.

Currently as an inspection takes place, [Date Inspected] and [Next Inspection] related to a specific [Equipment ID], columns are added to new inspection row, this happens for every new inspection and a row is added. However I want to also have these new dates for the relevant Equipment ID ie [Previous Inspection] and [Next Inspection], update and show in the Equipment table too.

Thus I can either create a dereference to the most recent inspection for that [Equipment ID] (not sure of a formula for this on the dereference formula input, it would need some sort of constraint for the most recent inspection/row for that specific Equipment ID). (might affect sync time)

Option 2, is to create a workflow update each time an inspection related to a particular [Equipment ID] takes place, it updates the [Previous Inspection] Date & [Next Inspection] date in the Equipment table for those two columns too. I prefer option 2.

However the issue I am experiencing, is that I have to create two actions for the workflow. The workflow,

picks up when an inspection row is added, then triggers an action related to “Inspections” (because it does not seem to let you trigger an action from a different table ie Equipment) , that then triggers a trigger related to equipment to then update the dates in the Equipment table. However it updates all the equipment dates instead of the one that relates to the specific [Equipment ID] related to the new inspection row added.

any input or better way of doing this would be appreciated, thank in advance.

I believe you may create Referenced rows expression as

SELECT(Equipment[Equipment ID], [Equipment ID]=[_THISROW].[Equipment ID]) in “Inspection Update Trigger (Inspections)” action.

Also instead of workflow, is it possibe for you to trigger the “Inspection Update Trigger (Inspections)” action as an evernt action on inspections form save ?


This worked 100%, thanks again for the awesome help @Suvrutt_Gurjar ! :smiley: