Dereferences in inline form

Hello AppSheet,

I would greatly appreciate it if a dereference such as [related Table][related Column] could be viewed as an inline list rather than just an incomprehensible string of UNIQUEID() key values. I’ve been told something for this is rolling out soon but I don’t know when and my app would greatly benefit from it.

The alternative is a SELECT() statement but I can’t figure out how to write a SELECT() statement as precise and specific as a dereference. So far all the SELECT() statements I’ve tried have returned too many values at once. Using the dereference as a condition rule returns an error.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

What is an “inline form”?

What are you trying to do that you think would benefit from the list dereference?

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This would be an inline form

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I’m trying to show line items that correspond to a parent table.

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Please post a screenshot of the affected column’s configuration with the list dereference in place.

Please post a screenshot of the affected column’s configuration with the list dereference in place.

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That is a “Table View” - though it may be seen “inline;” a form is a specific type of view where data entry occurs. (Just fyi :nerd_face:)

Are these the correct keys for the associated related delineated locations?

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FYI: many times the resultant type from using a list dereference will be “text.”

For example: say I have a parent table (Employee) with a related child table (TimeRecords), inside which I have a column that’s a reference to another table (Project).

If I use a list dereference on the parent table to pull out all the related projects from an employees TimeRecords, in a virtual column (that I would called “Employee_TimeRecord_Projects”) I would use a formula like this:

[Related TimeRecords][TimeRecord_Project]

The resultant list will have a type of text - which is what I think you’re seeing @tvinci.

To see that text list as an inline view (like the table you’re wanting)

you have to create a display column that has the appropriate type; this is easily done by creating a SELECT() formula like this:

SELECT(Projects[ProjectID], in[ProjectID], [_thisrow].[Employee_TimeRecord_Projects]))

Putting this formula in a virtual column would result in a list column type with a Ref base type - which gives you your inline table view like you’re wanting.


Thank you @MultiTech_Visions

So I think this Spec indicates that Route is the parent, Clipboard is the child and I have a column that references delineatedLocations, right?

I will try what you suggested.

Here is what happened. I also tried changing ‘IN’ to ‘Clipboard’ or ‘Routes’ but nothing happens.

I tried this too but the column won’t show up.

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oh I was confused because square [ brackets were used, not round ( parentheses