Dereferencing Refs inside an EnumList

I have a WO_MASTER table which has an EnumList of Refs to another table named WO_ACTIONS. The master table also has a [description] column which i only wanna show if the [Action Name] column from the WO_ACTIONS table pointed to by the refs in the enumList is equal to the value of “Other”. How can i dereference the refs inside the EnumList?

See Constructing a List from a List Dereference here:

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@Steve This does not appear to work for EnumList real columns.


Confirmed this in another app as well.

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Ugh. :frowning:

Unless I’m mistaken somewhere?

Be real nice if it did work this way.

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I’ll ask about it.

Hi folks, I am currently working on fixing this. I’ll update the thread when it’s been rolled out to everyone.


The fix for this has been rolled out to everyone :+1: