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Is there anyone that could help me with some design/aesthetics? Im trying to design a workplace comprehensive production app. There are many different working parts with different people who will only need to access certain parts. I’m thinking Tiles or the like on the ‘home’ screen. So the production team will only have to work with the ‘production’ tab, the shipping team with the ‘shipping’ tab etc.

Or is there a way to make card view link to follow up information. So when shipping clicks on their card they are able to upload shipping information, such as item quantity and method of shipment.

I did see the cards feature but am not sure how to get it to link to the sections that I want. I welcome and appreciate any and all help I can get! Thanks

Edit: I heard @Steve might be a good resource. Any chance you have some insight?

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Hi, this is tough for the rest of us to answer since we don’t know your needs, size of data to manage and all those things that go along with it.

Trying to decide if you need a single app or a set of apps is probably the toughest to decide when starting out. Once decided then figuring out how to design the app or system will be easier.

Can you give more details about the size of the organization? How much data you’ll be managing - for example, how many items Produced? How many items Shipped? What other info and size? How many of the “different working parts” are there?

It might help to describe the basic workings of the business - how things flow. What kind of features do you need?


So we are a beverage production company. Essentially id like to be able to have a tile that links to the table for each office (blending, shipping, receiving, production…) and then be able to have those tiles notify/‘slide’ to the next phase of production when the current team is finished with that step.

It will be a running sheet of data, but it will be thinned out from time to time. As of right now I have about 7 tiles I’d like to make.

I tried the Card feature but am clearly messing it up because i cant seem to get it to populate the data i want or appear with the header i want.

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The reason I was asking about size was to try to determine if you might need separate apps. You do not want to make a single app too big. It becomes hard to manage but more importantly it becomes slow as the data grows.

Assuming you are a smaller beverage company, starting with a single app is probably good. You can expand it later.

For the “Tiled Button” approach to launch into different areas of the app, I would recommend using a Gallery View.

This allows you to have your choice of Images to use as “buttons”, a description or label under each and when you tap on one you can control where it goes - i.e. which view is next displayed. Many people use this view as a launch platform within a single app.

The Card view is nice but still in BETA. It really is meant to show details about some row data - an example might be an employee record where you can show their Image and the demographic details.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks. I’ll try that. is it better to make a separate sheet for the ‘tile’ names and then link cells to that? I can only get it to populate with company name and that will get rather confusing after multiple runs

We are a small start up so its not like we will have rows and rows of data a day. Maybe a couple a week.

Yes, you would use a dedicated table/sheet for the Gallery view. You would have columns for the image, the title/name and possibly the view name you want to go to.

However, if the app will be as small as you indicate. You may not even need the Gallery view at all. You can have a number of Main views listed across the bottom of the app like in the Image below. You can actually control which Views are shown for whom - kind of customized per person. Its not straight forward but can be done.

You then have the side Menu for any other additional or common views you wish to have.

Bottom Icon Tray showing Main Views
Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 8.52.07 AM

Side menu for Additional Views

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So I got the tiles to appear! yay!! Does my data all have to be on separate sheets within the host document?

Also, Im trying to add team members so the guys can help me with this but when i add them and they click the team link nothing shows up on my end and they cant see the app.

The idea is that you would create a separate sheet for each table you expect to be adding into your application. Based on what you have said so far, at the very least you will want Employees, Production, Customers and Shipping tables. So have a separate sheet for each of these. I am certain that you will need more.

I would also advise, if you are brand new or fairly new to how to create applications this way, that you refer the “Getting Started” article below. Inside there there is a “101” course/video that gives you the basics on getting started. It will help tremendously with your understanding of what AppSheet expects to get an app up and working for you. And it will be much faster for you to gain the beginning understanding as well as help with some of the jargon we will be talking about in these community posts.

Of course, keep posting here in the community. Everyone is very helpful!

Team members can only be used when you have a list of accounts at AppSheet by company domain (e.g., And though I am not certain, I think you get these only under a Business Account. I would suggest contacting for more details.

There is also an option to add others as Co-Authors to the app without the need to be a Team member. Go into the the Users tab, insert an AppSheet account email for a user and then you’ll be presented an option to make then a co-author.

Do you have a link to that 101 course? I cant find the article or the course.


Thanks! @Steve I guess I didn’t paste in the link!

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Thanks guys!

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