Designing a people counter

I am trying to implement a very simple people counter app. There is only one screen with 2 large buttons - (A PLUS SIGN) and (A MINUS SIGN).

On pressing Plus sign, a row should be added with exact timestamp when it was pressed and a text field with value “enter”

On pressing Minus sign, a new row with timestamp and text field with value “exit”

This is a very simple people counter but I am having hard time understanding how a single screen app with large icons with actions can be made.

Use a gallery view of a table with 2 records (plus and minus).

Give those records custom button images, and set the gallery image size to large.

Create the appropriate actions to create the records upon clicks (data: add new row in table…).

Set the Row Selected behavior in the gallery view to point to the above action(s).


Check a sample called Event Counter from I believe it’s doing exactly the same.

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