Desktop layout / full width screen design?

Greetings. Obv AppSheet is sort of aimed at mobile usage. And one can “run full screen” but are there any specific links/docs relating to the level of customisation possible?

Meaning my users would be using the App via a full screen screen and not from a mobile device.

Not sure if the above makes sense though!

Thanks for reading.

Can you elaborate what kinda customization are you asking for?

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Hi Levent,

Are there any colour customisations possible? Or custom buttons other then the standard ones?

Example - on the full screen - maybe to have a company logo or a background company colour through the page.

The app I am thinking of is a simple estimate / invoice app - so the user can select some parts to create an Estimate - email that off - then if the customer accepts - to fine tune it and then make it an invoice?

Thank you in advance.

I can see a lot of potential for AppSheet - the depth of it is very good overall. If there were any specific examples that showed the “full screen” to good use I think others would also appreciate and be able to roll out more apps. Huge potential! :grin:

The best way to leverage a wide screen is with interactive dashboard views.


Thanks @Grant_Stead and @LeventK

I guess more my question is (and should have been):

  1. Control of the design of the full screen and what is possible
  2. What “size” application one could build - eg; an invoicing app (customer/products/invoice etc) - I appreciate that the examples provided are pretty “flat file” which is a little shame as I think something more complex can be created in AppSheet.

I will continue my quest.

Thanks again.

Very limited.

The complexity of the app is entirely up to you.

Yeah, if it’s a business application, there’s almost no limit to the ecosystem you can build.

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Thank you for those comments. I sort of predicted that “control of the design” was limited as I could not spot anyway to customise things. As for the complexity…yes - maybe someone (and that could just be ME!) could design one and make it public as an idea…

Yes I may just do this! Would I win a chocolate fish?

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Or at least I will drive us all mad with the questions! :laughing: