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I am glad you are not responding to this question today since you are most probably with your lovely other. Happy Valentines Day!

My desire is to allow users to scroll over an item with their cursor (a formatting icon) and have a text box appear with a brief summary about what the icon is there for.

Please hit me up if you have a solution, and have an AMAZING evening.


Wesley R.W.

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I like this. :nerd_face:
Unfortunately there is no way to have a tool tip or help text type of thing appear when scrolling over - AppSheet doesn’t have that capability.

Best you can do is use actions to create a popup; you can find more about it here:


Thank you Matt and good morning,

So if I understand you correctly, you are saying that it is possible to create a Multi-Tech action in which I can create one action that does the desired function, and then another that is displayed in line with this one that opens a new view that has text in it?

In that post I describe a “hack” of a solution using the confirmation popup you can turn on with actions.

If you create a Group action, but don’t put any actions in the group, and also turn on the confirmation - you end up with a button that doesn’t do anything but create a popup.

If you put this inline with a column, you can use this method to create a tool-tip type of thing.


Absolutely BRILLIANT, Ok. I’ll do it.

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Hi Matt,

This is awesome trick, I m now borrowing your idea and placing this trick to my app, thank you.

I will name this "Matt’s modal window’.


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nigh nigh Matt! I m now going to bed for a sleep.

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@MultiTech_Visions - I REALLY love your videos. Every time you post one I’m so excited. And in fact: they are very educational.
Is there a MultiTech_Visions Podcast we could subscribe? :joy:


Thanks @Fabian for the kind words, they are much appreciated and brighten my day. :sun_with_face::sunflower:

No podcast, :slight_smile: , but I’m slowly but surely making progress on resources for my patrons - which inevitably spills over to everybody.

Thanks again! (^_^)